Quilotoa Lake Loop

Apr 25, 2014 Fri
10:23Quilotoa Lake Loop
10:24waiting for breakfast
$20 include breakfast, sounds too good to be true....
10:27still in Hotel Rodelu
waiting for breakfast
Bus to Quilotoa seems conflicted
for 10, 11 to 12
12 is sure, not sure about 11
but will see...
11:45tips for taking photo
just smile stupidly after you take the photo, they will think you are mentally challenged instead of angry at you...
11:56 Bus to Quilotoa leave at 12 00 sharp
$2.00 to Quilotoa, it will be .25 cheaper if I buy ticket not from tout... but who care
12:16Bus to Quilotoa
Bus is very old and smelly
I sit next to what must be a beautiful rebellious indigenous girl who like listen to loud music from her phone without using headphone.
13:22 El Ched
13:48 arrived quilotoa
saw a bus to latagunga around entrance...
14:03 Hostal Chukirawa
US$20 for private room with bath room
Good value
no hot water, maybe hot water heated by wood, didn't ask.
room heated by wood
14:16just when I start exploring the lake mist come
It was a disaster, more disatrous than the one I done in Bolivia 14 years ago.
14:22 Quilotoa lake
14:23 Quilotoa lake
14:27 Hostal Chukirawa
14:30 Quilotoa lake
14:43 Quilotoa lake
14:45 Quilotoa lake
14:48 Quilotoa lake
15:05 Quilotoa lake
15:26 Quilotoa lake
15:27 Quilotoa lake
16:21 Quilotoa lake
16:26 Quilotoa lake
16:36 Quilotoa lake
16:44 Quilotoa lake
17:12 Quilotoa lake
17:52 Quilotoa lake
17:52 Quilotoa lake
17:52 Quilotoa lake
17:53 Quilotoa lake
17:59 Quilotoa lake
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