Chugchilan to Latacunga

Apr 27, 2014 Sun
10:10Chugchilan to Latacunga
10:36 Chugchilan pink church
10:49bus from Chugchilan to latagunga
Unlike mentioned in lonely planet and other guides
there are mutiple direct buses that goto latagunga from Chugchilan... bus appears at random time, I caught one at 10:45. but popular times are 9, 12, 13 etc... trust no one... even locals don't know when the bus appears...
18:16 Latacunga Horseman statue
18:17 Latacunga woman statue
18:22dinner at chifa dragon 1
same veggie noodle, will see how it goes.... this one is bad
lots of chifa in latacunga, they all made good money
19:25 Latacunga church at night
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