To Riobamba

Apr 28, 2014 Mon
09:10To Riobamba
09:15Breakfast at Rodelu Hotel
still haven't decided to Banos or Riobamba
09:56taxi driver took me to the wrong terminal
and charged me 2$
I still haven't decide yet, but I am heading to Ambato right now.....
Banos or Riobamba, will decide in Ambato
11:05bus to Riobamba
a few blocks down found the bus to riobamba, well Banos was probably a better idea
11:20BUS from Ambato to Riobamba
the bus is quite nice....
last bus was 1.75
this one maybe 2?
didn't see any bus to Banos, so it's decided Riobamba it is...
11:48 Micky Mouse Garbage Can
13:08 Hotel Zeus
no view but room is ok
35 for cheapest room include breakfast
13:23taxi from bus drop to Hotel zeus
2.5km charge $2, driver is honest
15:30 Julian tour
no hiking tour for solo
bike tour wed and thu
tue bike to ambato
Should have picked Banos
15:38 Riobamba Plaza
15:38 Riobamba Plaza
15:48 Pro Bike Tour office
16:53 Riobamba Train Station
17:26 Andean Adventure office
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