Flight to Vancouver

May 23, 2014 Fri
05:46Flight to Vancouver
05:50arrive Houston on time
plane arrived early at 4.50am
custom won't open until 5:00am
after arrival, the initial custom is automatic and efficient, but the security is like Big brothers 1984,
especially with the announcement that any remark or jokes will end up with your arrest. Got to empty everything in pocket, even toilet paper. Is it the USA or USSR?
To their credit, they did modify the announcement when a new lady announced: Any inappropriate jokes or remarks regarding the security may end up with your arrest.
06:11 big brother 2014
Just come off an international flight and have to go through big brother security again.
Any jokes or remarks will end up with your arrest... wow... Am I still asleep or I just need my morning coffe? It is like I just entered USSR 2014.... or USA 1984?
06:14time to board second flight
06:27Time change -2hr
09:30arrived San Francisco on time
everything on time so far
eye red, need to find a pharmacy
12:28flying to Vancouver now
the internet at LA is good
hate Houston airport, draconian security and poor internet.
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